DC Rebirth updated 31/08/2017!

There were very few issues released yesterday, and only one completed an arc or was a one-shot. That was the Red Hood and the Outlaws annual #1.

I like stories that focus on the relationships between characters, and this is one such tale putting Dick and Jason centre stage. I think it works well. Continuity-wise this series is a bit of conundrum – we’re before issue 12 according to the editorial but Bizarro is fine despite appearing to have died in issue #11. There is no mention of that event at all, but we know from #12 that Bizarro did survive, although weakened. Ugh, it’s not a big deal. KGBeast, oh sorry, Beast appears, presumably after his appearance in All Star Batman, but with no mention of those events, with intel placing us after the Rise of the Batmen story. We also know we’re a month after the Red Hood Rebirth special since Jason says he promised Batman he wouldn’t kill a month ago.

I’ve moved Red Hood #12-13 to a more comfortable place after the Trinity annual, which means the team spend quite a long time in Gotham, but that ties us in nicely with Red Hood’s appearance in I Am Bane.

We may have to move in the future, but let’s hope not… and let’s hope next week brings us more comics!

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