More additions to the DC Rebirth timeline 10/09/2017

There wasn’t a great deal of story-arc conclusions released this week, so only a few additions have been made to the timeline:

First of all, Harley Quinn’s Surprise, Surprise goes into the out if continuity section, as well as the conclusion to the pseudo-TSA-style Harley Loves Joker. I think it’s time I stopped buying this series as it is a waste of money and doesn’t add anything to the story.

We now have Shade, The Changing Girl added all the way up to issue 12 which concludes the first “season” in a manner of speaking. It’s an odd series that I’m not overly fond of, but it makes for better reading than Cave Carson or Doom Patrol. Unfortunately it uses real dates which had made us move the entire first 12 issues into where September 2017 would be (as in, right at the end!) Thankfully this doesn’t screw up the timeline too much, on,y makes those early hints that we were around Christmas a little bizarre. I don’t think it’s possible to stretch the storyline over nearly a year but I’m not bothered about this series enough to try.

Nightwing’ Spyral arc was a good story but this series is difficult to negotiate with Titans, due mainly to the latter’s insistence on constantly leading directly in to its next arcs or giving ridiculous timestamp for previous issues such as “two days ago”. Also, we have moved the Split Second storyline back before The Lazarus Contract where it should really go. We need to keep an eye on Birds of Prey and Batgirl for possible tie-ins as Nightwing boinks Huntress again, which should ruffle some feathers. Also, Raptor has been released, hinting at a future arc. I really wish I could remember what other series he appeared in!! Next issue is a Dark Nights tie-in, so this series will be on hold for us until February when that storyline is complete.

Finally, the Superman arc “A Minute Longer”. It’s pretty decent, but felt like filler to maybe boost sales of Hal Jordan’s series? I don’t know if they really need boosting, though. Huge things are happening with Action Comics, so perhaps the Superman series is being low-key for a bit. We’ll see. Apparently this leads into Jordan #30…

Next week we have some conclusions to arcs in series we haven’t caught up with for a while, such as Green Arrow! We’ll be back then…

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