DC Rebirth

Creating a reading order for any comic book event is not an easy task, but as 2016’s Rebirth is not a reboot, it is doubly difficult. I will try to keep the pre-Rebirth issues to a minimum (there are some series which I think are essential reading before tackling Rebirth) before going into the Rebirth issues themselves.

Please note that this is a work in progress and will be updated as and when.

Last updated: 10/09/2017


Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s 1986-7 classic, Watchmen, is vital reading before Rebirth. It should already be part of your collection, and this should simply be an excuse to read it again. The later Before Watchmen series, by other writers and artists, is probably not vital, but as there is so little that makes up the Watchmen universe, I saw no reason not to include them here. All credit for the chronological reading order of this section goes to VertigologyIf this is your first time reading anything Watchmen-related, I highly recommend you read Watchmen #1-12 first. 

  • Before Watchmen: Crimson Corsair (Backup Feature)*
  • Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1-4
  • Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill #1 (One-Shot)
  • Before Watchmen: Minutemen #5-6
  • Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #1
  • Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1-3
  • Before Watchmen: Comedian #1-3
  • Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #4
  • Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1-4
  • Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #2-4
  • Before Watchmen: Comedian #4-6
  • Before Watchmen: Moloch #1
  • Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #5
  • Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1-4
  • Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #6
  • Watchmen #1-4
  • Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1-4
  • Watchmen #5
  • Before Watchmen: Moloch #2
  • Watchmen #6-12

*Crimson Corsair originally featured as a backup story in several of the original issues, but is collected as one story in the collection ‘Before Watchmen: Ozymandias/Crimson Corsair’.

Road to Rebirth

As the term Viking is used, we can assume this is meant to be somewhere in between the 8th and 11th centuries, although actual history appears to have no bearing on the mythological world presented.

  • Odyssey of the Amazons #1-6

Five years before WW: Year One.

  • Wonder Woman #8: Interlude

Fourteen or so years before JLA.

  • Justice League of America: Rebirth: The Ray #1: Page 1-5

WW Year One is one of the first things in the continuity. Arguably it would be better read before or after The Lies (it was published concurrently), but the story takes place here.

  • Wonder Woman #2: Year One: Part 1
  • Wonder Woman #4: Year One: Part 2
  • Wonder Woman #6: Year One: Part 3
  • Wonder Woman #10: Year One: Part 4
  • Wonder Woman #12: Year One: Part 5
  • Wonder Woman #14: Year One: Part 6

Takes place immediately after Year One. We have to note that this Superman is clearly from the revised timeline after the events of Superman: Reborn.

  • Wonder Woman Annual #1: And Then There Were Three…

Six months after Year One. Ten years before The Truth.

  • Wonder Woman #16: Godwatch: Part 1

Several Years before the Justice League vs Suicide Squad arc.

  • Suicide Squad #9: The First and Last Mission of Suicide Zero

Over a year after Part 1. 20 months after Year One. Wonder Woman knows both The Flash and Batman at least. 9 years before The Truth.

  • Wonder Woman #18: Godwatch: Part 2

Seven years after Year One. Izzy is fifteen which might help us indicate how far before Reborn we are if we check her age in The Truth, if it was mentioned. About 4 years before The Truth.

  • Wonder Woman #20: Godwatch: Part 3

Four or so years before JLA.

  • Justice League of America: Rebirth: The Ray #1: Page 6-11

As Rebirth continues the storyline from the New 52 era of the DC universe, it is difficult to include only those stories that facilitate an easier understanding of Rebirth. DC have collected several storylines under a Road to Rebirth banner, which will form the basis of much of what is included here.
The first continuity issue we have is due to Jon Kent’s age. If he is 10 during Escape from Dinosaur Island, but a baby when the New 52 Justice League is formed, as in Lois and Clark: Arrival, then that would place First Impressions about nine years before Rebirth. However, First Impressions has the formation of the Justice League five years prior to Rebirth (following real world publishing dates) and Titans Hunt backs this date up by having the Teen Titans ‘forgotten’ five years ago (before the New 52). Perhaps I have missed something? In any case, First Impressions apparently sets up a storyline for the Rebirth Titans series. We will return once we know how!

  • Justice League #51: First Impressions

Eight years and seven months after Year One. The Justice League is formed by this point.

  • Wonder Woman #22: Godwatch: Part 4

Years before JLA.

  • Justice League of America: Rebirth: Vixen #1

Two years before Rebirth.

  • Justice League of America: Rebirth: The Atom #1: Page 1-5

One year before Rebirth.

  • Justice League of America: Rebirth: The Atom #1: Page 6-13

Lois and Clark: Arrival follows the Convergence storyline, which isn’t really necessary reading. The flashbacks cover almost all of the New 52, but the frame story is ‘less than a year’ after New 52 Lois outs New 52 Superman’s secret identity. This takes place in the Before Truth storyline (Superman #40-44) and is absolutely not worth your time reading unless curiosity gets the better of you as it did me. Really, only the fact that Lois outs Clark is referenced heavily (both in Lois and Clark: Arrival, The Final Days of Superman, Rebirth and beyond, etc) and nothing more of the actual story surrounding the event.

  • Superman: Lois and Clark #1-8: Arrival: Part 1-8

The Prologue to The Darkseid War references several Crisis events from the DC universe’s past, such as The Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, Flashpoint and Convergence; while it is tempting to include at least some of these in the reading order for Rebirth, they each would require their own reading lists to fully understand and appreciate them. We will have to consider this later, once more of Rebirth is revealed.

  • Justice League #40: The Darkseid War: Prologue
  • Justice League #41-48: The Darkseid War: Chapter 1-8
  • Justice League: The Darkseid War Special (One-Shot)
  • Justice League #49-50: The Darkseid War: Chapter 9-10

Unsure how far before JLA.

  • Justice League of America: Rebirth: The Ray #1: Page 12-end

A week before Rebirth.

  • Justice League of America: Rebirth: The Atom #1: Page 14-15

The Final Days of Superman is set around two months after Darkseid War. There are some recent events referenced in The Final Days of Superman, but no further information is needed about these in order to understand the story, although we may revisit this depending on how Rebirth evolves.

  • Superman #51: The Final Days of Superman: Part 1
  • Batman/Superman #31: The Final Days of Superman: Part 2
  • Action Comics #51: The Final Days of Superman: Part 3
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #28: The Final Days of Superman: Part 4
  • Batman/Superman #32: The Final Days of Superman: Part 5
  • Action Comics #52: The Final Days of Superman: Part 6
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #29: The Final Days of Superman: Part 7
  • Superman #52: The Final Days of Superman: Part 8

Has to be before Green Lanterns: Rebirth. We’ve placed this before Rebirth due to Hal Jordan appearing as Green Lantern in that but only getting his ring here! It suggests Baz was lost with the Corps but this doesn’t seem to have been the case.

  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

Titans Hunt is set almost immediately before Rebirth, and is probably somewhat concurrent with The Final Days of Superman, and it’s difficult to say which to read first as the two have no impact on one another. As there is a 24 hour gap between Superman’s death and Rebirth, and the last panel of Titans Hunt appears to lead into the first panel of Rebirth, we’ve put it this way around. We will have to assume that news of Superman’s ‘disappearance’ hasn’t yet reached the Titans.

  • Titans Hunt #1-8: Part 1-8

Concurrent with Rebirth but most events happen slightly prior so placed before. One scene is repeated.

  • Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Justice League of America: Rebirth: The Atom #1: Page 16-end


Rebirth #1 references a great deal of the pre-Flashpoint event continuity and characters, as well as The Crisis on Infinite Earths and a few events prior even to this. DC continuity is a complex beast, but I believe the issue does a good enough job of explaining the significance of what it references in order for the reader to understand without having read, or perhaps not really remembering, these events. It is important to remember that this issue is pure exposition, and you’re not meant to understand everything straight away. It is setting up two years of storylines, so a great deal is teased without much explanation. All will be revealed in (not too much) time, we hope! We can then read the issue again and see all of the things we missed…

We start 24 hours after The Final Days of Superman. Damian Wayne is 13 years old and this is his birthday.

  • Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

This issue takes place around the same time as Rebirth and repeats one scene.

  • The Flash: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

Dick doesn’t appear to be in a relationship with Barbara and has only just reclaimed his role as Nightwing at the end of the issue, so this has to be before any other NW appearances. This presents an issue though, as it seems like it should lead directly into Better Than Batman!

  • Nightwing: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

The day after Wally appears to Linda in Rebirth. Dick is already back as Nightwing. Due to Deathstroke’s appearance and other factors with the Titans continuity after issue #7, we have had to split this story which may cause irreconcilable issues.

  • Titans: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Titans #1: The Return of Wally West: Part 1: page 1-15

Superman has been buried, we don’t know for how long, but the grave is still under construction. Superman hasn’t revealed himself yet. Lana Lang doesn’t appear to know she has superpowers yet. The story features a flashback to the pre-Flashpoint Death and Return of Superman storyline, which is highly recommended reading, but not vital to understand what’s going on here. This could be anywhere from a few days to weeks after Rebirth.

  • Superman: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

We don’t really have anything to date this story. Superman died and Supergirl went to the DEO to get her powers back which was a few weeks ago. There’s no mention of the new Superman, and it feels better for Kara to go the Fortress before the events in Path of Doom. The last few pages of #6 are ‘weeks later’ although there’s nothing to help place them.

  • Supergirl: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Supergirl #1-6: Reign of the Cyborg Supermen: Part 1-6

Justice League #52 is, bizarrely, not the first issue of the Rebirth Justice League series, but the last issue of the pre-Rebirth run. However, it is set after Rebirth #1 and before the events of Action Comics #957. There is little else to timestamp it, except that it appears Superman hasn’t been dead for too long.

  • Justice League #52: That Which You Manifest is Before You

Lois and Clark move to Hamilton County, Luthor reveals himself as the new Superman to Metropolis, meaning this is probably not long after That Which You Manifest is Before You. Wonder Woman meets Lois and Jon for the first time. New 52 Lois is secretly Superwoman.

  • Action Comics #957-962: Path of Doom: Part 1-6

This is set before and retells one scene from GL Rebirth, although probably better read in sequence.

  • Green Lanterns #18: The Last Testament of the First Lantern

Jessica says the Corps is missing, so it appears as though the Sinestro’s Law storyline hasn’t occurred yet. This is clearly a continuity mistake as it is implied that Simon Baz was missing with the rest of the Corps, but he’s on Earth just fine and doesn’t appear in Sinestro’s Law, so who knows? It isn’t something that is going to be easily untangled, so I think this placement is about the best we can do.

  • Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Green Lanterns #1: Rage Planet: Part 1

Another story clearly set early on that falls victim to the confusing order of events surrounding Superman’s revealing himself to the world and the Justice League. It must be before Son of Superman due to the JL’s featuring in that storyline (although Superman isn’t necessarily a member, and the fact Superman and Batman are seen working together in the Superman, Meet Clark Kent storyline might suggest this story precedes that one. Simon says they still have to deal with Bleez and the Red Lanterns, so that storyline of the Green Lanterns must fit around this one somehow. The two are in China when they presumably get the call to go to New York. There are no mentions of other events in any other series.

  • Justice League: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Green Lanterns #2-6: Rage Planet: Part 2-6

There’s nothing really tying this to a specific point. It is shortly after Flash Rebirth and The Return of Wally West.

  • The Flash #1-2: Lightning Strikes Twice: Part 1-2

This appears to take place in the spring, so we’ll place it early on.

  • Batman: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

Duke’s first real case with Batman and the start of his proper training. This might take place during the Batman Rebirth issue, but before My Own Worst Enemy as Two-Face appears back in Gotham at the end. Red Robin is still alive at this point.

  • All-Star Batman #1-4: The Cursed Wheel: Part 1-4

Probably very early on. Has to be before Croc joins the SS but after Duke has started his training. The final page is two months later, so the next story arc will need to be after that point.

  • All-Star Batman #1-5: My Own Worst Enemy: Part 1-5

The Flash series seems to be episodic with an overarching storyline, so there are gaps between issues that can be punctuated by other series, especially as earlier events are occasionally referenced as so long ago, etc.

  • The Flash #3: Speed City

Another story without any clear placement. We may move this depending on future issues. Has to be before November as a Trump isn’t yet voted in. There’s possibly a week or so between the Rebirth issue and The Poison Truth.

  • The Hellblazer: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • The Hellblazer #1-6: The Poison Truth: Part 1-6
  • The Hellblazer #7-12: The Smokeless Fire: Part 1-6: Page 18

Two months after the main storyline. We’ll move after the next arc.

  • The Hellblazer #12: The Smokeless Fire: Part 6: Page 19-20

This story is a ‘short while’ after the Path of Doom, possibly only a few days. Luthor buys the daily planet during That Which You Manifest is Before You, and White says that event was a ‘couple of weeks ago’. Luthor makes it clear the new Superman hasn’t been authenticated yet, so this is probably before the Son of Superman storyline. Superman and Batman are seen working together, which seems slightly out of place for their relationship at the moment, but we really don’t know the details of their meeting.

  • Action Comics #963-964: Superman, Meet Clark Kent: Part 1-2

Some time between the last issue and this, but probably not much.

  • The Flash #4: Teamwork

In Superman #1 Clark is seemingly recently shaved (which causes a discrepancy, in my opinion) and the world is aware there is a new Superman. He is in contact with the Justice League who still don’t entirely trust him, and has been following Batman. The JL suspect Jon has powers. Lois receives a letter from New 52 Lois. Superboy introduced to the League at the end. Superman properly accepted by world. During In the Name of the Father, Damien Wayne mentions that Superman was spying on Batman for months before Superman revealed himself to the world, which could mean this story is set months after The Final Days of Superman, but it’s perhaps more likely that Superman was spying on Batman before then. However, a new neighbour says they moved in weeks ago, but have only now had time to introduce themselves. As we see Clark and Lois move into Hamilton County in Action Comics #957, Son of Superman must be several weeks after that at least, perhaps making the months theory plausible. It seems strange Jon would be so afraid of WW considering he knows her after the events in Path of Doom, but he is upset at the time.

  • Superman #1-6: Son of Superman: Part 1-6

In Our Town the events of Son of Superman are referred to ‘the other night’ which indicates there cannot be more than a week or so between the two stories. Batman still clearly distrusts Superman, but the other members of the JL seem to have accepted him.

  • Superman #7: Our Town

The Flash #8 has a flashback to ‘a few weeks ago’ that appears be between Lightning Strikes Twice and Speed City. Flash 5-8 all seem to follow one another closely so are best read together. There may be a small gap between 5 and 6. 52 Wally West becomes Kid Flash so further appearances must be after this.

  • The Flash #5: Barry Allen’s Day Off
  • The Flash #6: Revenge
  • The Flash #7: No More Speedsters
  • The Flash #8: Old Friends

Escape from Dinosaur Island is fairly close in time to Our Town. It can only really be a couple of weeks afterwards at most. Jon is finishing the science project he had an extension for in Our Town by Friday, and they reference the fair as though it was a recent event, but not so recent that a term like ‘the other night’ or ‘last night’ would have been more natural. The events in Son of Superman are referred to as ‘a while back’, which reinforces the idea that there could be a month or so between these stories. Jon is 10 years old here.

  • Superman #8-9: Escape from Dinosaur Island: Part 1-2

These stories concern the origin of the current Suicide Squad members, so are early on.

  • Suicide Squad #1: Never Miss
  • Suicide Squad #2: Boomerang, Agent of Oz
  • Suicide Squad #3: Choose
  • Suicide Squad #6: Crocodile Tears
  • Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Suicide Squad #4: Full Mental Jacket
  • Suicide Squad #7: Trapped

Probably early on as the Darkseid War referred to as recent. Going Sane appears to follow immediately.

  • Suicide Squad #1-4: The Black Vault: Part 1-4
  • Suicide Squad #5: Hack: Prisons
  • Suicide Squad #5-8: Going Sane: Part 1-4

Bottled Light apparently takes place at the same time as New Superman #6 but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious reason for that. The flashback story in Issue #13 retells Bottled Light and is obviously intended to be read immediately afterwards, but I’ve placed it on the timeline 60 years afterwards in its chronological place.

  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1-7: Sinestro’s Law: Part 1-7
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #8-12: Bottled Light: Part 1-5

The framing story takes place 60 years after Bottled Light, with the flashback retelling those events. It makes no sense to read this chronologically, so it’s best read here, or just skipped.

  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #13: Heroes

There’s a suggestion this takes place in 2014 but The Drowning contradicts this.

  • Aquaman: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

Two weeks after Aquaman Rebirth. Probably the reason Aquaman is considered a terrorist during State of Fear.

  • Aquaman #1-6: The Drowning: Part 1-6
  • Aquaman #7: Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown
  • Aquaman #8-9: Unstoppable: Part 1-2
  • Aquaman #10: Future Tide
  • Aquaman #11: The Deluge: Prologue: Condition Critical: Page 1-13

This is before Batman trusts Superman. The rest of the JL don’t seem to have reservations. Jessica can’t make constructs and it is quite clearly early on in the GL storyline. The story impacts many cities, but it probably shouldn’t be a surprise if it is not referenced elsewhere to help place it. I’m placing it after Son of Superman, but only because Jon seems more comfortable around the JL. It could be before, but Batman knows Jon’s name which at least suggests it’s after? Although they may have met previously.

  • Justice League #1-5: The Extinction Machines: Part 1-5

There seems to be a jump of a few weeks or so between page 13 and 14 of Condition Critical as in #12 it is said the sinking of the Pontchartrain was last month, but we have had no break in the story since the first issue. I want State of Fear between here due to Aquaman being declared a terrorist (sort of!) although he is not beat up in that storyline, however we have to be before that storyline as Jessica is still a member of the JL here.

  • Aquaman #11: The Deluge: Prologue: Condition Critical: Page 13-end
  • Aquaman #12-15: The Deluge: Part 1-4

One week after The Extinction Machines. Bruce calls Nightwing but he’s unavailable, Alfred says he spoke to him a few days ago and he was in high spirits (does this occur in another series?) Aquaman is considered a terrorist. Jessica Cruz leaves the JL.

  • Justice League #6-7: State of Fear: Part 1-2

“A few weeks” after The Extinction Machines. Batman has repaired the cave from Superman’s visit but is seemingly completely destroyed again.

  • Justice League #8-11: Outbreak: Part 1-4

Isn’t overly timestamped, #7 indicates we’re sometime after Aquaman #6.

  • Deathstroke: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Deathstroke #1-6: The Professional: Part 1-6
  • Deathstroke #7-8: The Professional: Conclusion: Part 1-2

Has to be set during the Titans storyline, Return of Wally West, as Deathstroke learns about the new Flash operating in Keystone at the end of this storyline. This makes no sense whatsoever with the timeline so it’s clear that Deathstroke is watching the footage much later.

  • Deathstroke #9-10: Four Rooms: Part 1-2

Had to move to make it fit later on.

  • Titans #1: The Return of Wally West: Part 1: page 16-end
  • Titans #2-6: The Return of Wally West: Part 1-6

The start of several intersecting stories.

  • Detective Comics #934: Rise of the Batmen: Part 1
  • Batman #1-2: I Am Gotham: Part 1-2

Set before Batgirl #1 but doesn’t tie directly in to those events.

  • Batgirl Annual #1: Rain Check

There could easily be a gap between NW Rebirth and Better Than Batman, and as the story feels like it should be early on, we’ll place it here, allowing for the Titans series to fit in first. Batgirl goes to Tokyo in the second issue of Nightwing and mentions Batwoman’s Bootcamp and the Gotham twins as currently active, so several other series have to fit around here. We have to assume Batgirl is in Asia for a while considering she is meant to be trekking.

  • Nightwing #1-2: Better Than Batman: Part 1-2: Page 4
  • Batgirl #1: Beyond Burnside: Part 1
  • Nightwing #2: Better Than Batman: Part 2: Page 5-end
  • Nightwing #3-4: Better Than Batman: Part 3-4
  • Batgirl #2-5: Beyond Burnside: Part 2-5: Page 19

Tim dies during the events of the first series, with the Rebirth issue one week or so before.

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

Takes place before Red Robin’s death but after the Batmen have been established and they’d “still no word from [their] military friends”. We can find a more exact place later? Red Hood assassination attempt has taken place, I think this is in Red Hood Rebirth.

  • Detective Comics #950: The Big Picture

Steve says he and Diana haven’t spoken in ‘a long time’ (I suppose it was in The Final Days of Superman), Santa is seen in the mall in issue #9 so we’re probably close in time to In the Name of the Father (it’s actually in October according to WW in Conversation). Diana doesn’t seem too cut up about the death of New 52 Superman, so some time has clearly passed. WW in Conversation presents a challenge as we don’t know which Lois Lane this is meant to be. The Lois Lane in WW in Conversation is probably New 52 Lois since she’s still alive, albeit meant to be missing.

  • Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1 (One-Shot): Oh, Themyscira
  • Wonder Woman #1: The Lies: Part 1
  • Wonder Woman #3: The Lies: Part 2
  • Wonder Woman #5: The Lies: Part 3
  • Wonder Woman #7: The Lies: Part 4
  • Wonder Woman #9: The Lies: Part 5
  • Wonder Woman #11: The Lies: Part 6
  • Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1 (One-Shot): Wonder Woman in Conversation

It seems to follow the previous storyline immediately but we have to have some gap as it’s now Halloween. Simon broke his arm in the previous storyline and it’s still broken here, so he cannot appear between those storylines with the arm healed. It is healed by the end, though, bizarrely. Phantom Lantern follows immediately.

  • Green Lanterns #7-8: Family Matters: Part 1-2
  • Green Lanterns #9: The Phantom Lantern: Prologue
  • Green Lanterns #10-14: The Phantom Lantern: Part 1-5

It’s Halloween. Flash is still training Kid Flash so we’re probably before the Titans series still. Wally West travels to Central City and meets Kid Flash for the first time. The placement is unfortunately dictated by the Wonder Woman series which is also in October.

  • The Flash #9: Kid Flash of Two Worlds!

Clark is clearly established as a member of the JL at this point, and Batman also messages Hal instead of the GLs, so we need to compare with the Lantern Corp series (the separate messages sent to these two might indicate that they in fact not members of the JL…) Jess is part of the JL, so this is either before she leaves or after (if) she returns, or she is just coming along like in Outbreak. Batman mentions ‘the boys’ by which I assume he means Damian, Dick and Tim, so Red Robin might still be alive at this point. Amanda Waller appears and Task Force X exists, but I don’t know whether this helps with placing Suicide Squad or not.

  • Batman #3-6: I Am Gotham: Part 3-6
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #1-3: Dark Trinity: Part 1-3: Page 3
  • Detective Comics #935-940: Rise of the Batmen: Part 2-7
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #3-6: Dark Trinity: Part 3: Page 4-Part 6: Page 12
  • Batman #7: Night of the Monster Men: Part 1
  • Nightwing #5: Night of the Monster Men: Part 2
  • Detective Comics #941: Night of the Monster Men: Part 3
  • Batman #8: Night of the Monster Men: Part 4
  • Nightwing #6: Night of the Monster Men: Part 5
  • Detective Comics #942: Night of the Monster Men: Part 6
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #6: Dark Trinity: Part 6: Page 13-end

Batgirl must have been in Asia for some time as she was trekking, but she mentions in a later issue of Nightwing that she was at Tim’s funeral and cannot see Nightwing between that event and that issue (Blüdhaven arc). There is currently no mention of the Birds of Prey.

  • Batgirl #5: Beyond Burnside: Part 5: Page 20
  • Batgirl #6: Beyond Burnside: Part 6

Doesn’t timestamp, but before JLvsSS.

  • Suicide Squad: War Crimes #1 (One-Shot)

After Tim’s death. After Wally becomes Kid Flash, and after he knows his uncle Daniel is actually his father (Flash #9). Before Nightwing leaves Gotham. The flashbacks during 1 and 2 take place during Damian’s 13th birthday which we know was during Rebirth. The time gap between then and now is difficult to explain. At the end, Damian tells Batman he’s not going back to Gotham yet. Three months later there is a Titan tower in San Fransisco. We can assume he goes back to Gotham in between these moments.

  • Teen Titans: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Teen Titans #1-5: Damian Knows Best: Part 1-5: Page 18

Has to take place between The Lies and Angel Down. Lois isn’t yet back at the planet and nobody really trusts Superman yet as they don’t know him. WW has clearly already had contact as in Path of Doom. Red Robin has recently died.

  • Trinity #1-6: Better Together: Part 1-6

A short time after Dark Trinity, but not much.

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #7: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Bizarro?

A TV shows that Gotham’s mayor has been assassinated. This must be shortly after they form their team. Part 1 suggests this is two weeks after Part 1 of Dark Trinity. Bizarro still wears a mock version of the pre-Reborn Superman outfit, but I’m not sure we should expect that to change. Bizarro dies at the end, so the next will probably follow on directly.

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #8: Who Is Artemis?: Prologue
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #9-11: Who Is Artemis?: Part 1-3

Before #12 but must be at least a week after Who is Artemis?. We’re after Rise of the Batmen and Nightwing appears to still be in Gotham but part of the Titans. Outlaws Rebirth #1 was a month ago. Oh yeah, Bizarro didn’t die in the last arc … apparently.

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1: Big Tent, Bigger Dreams

Follows Night of the Monster Men, but doesn’t specify a time gap. Bruce says he and Dick had some sort of falling out which I’m not sure we see.

  • Nightwing #7-8: Rise of Raptor: Part 1-2

Batman starts to warm up to Superman. We see Jessica with the JL again. Nightwing wants to go to Bludhaven.

  • Nightwing #9: Fighting Destiny

A month after Night of the Monster Men, but apparently Batman hasn’t been out of Gotham, so probably before I Am Suicide and Justice League: Outbreak.

  • Detective Comics #943-947: The Victim Syndicate: Part 1-5

Probably after Superman properly accepted by the world but would fit better closer to the events in the Rebirth issue. Issue 5 suggests we’re after Trump voted president, so after November, maybe even after January. Issue 10 will likely lead directly into the next arc.

  • Blue Beetle #1: Deja Blue
  • Blue Beetle #2: Blurred
  • Blue Beetle #3: Night Terrors!
  • Blue Beetle #4: My Not So Secret Origin
  • Blue Beetle #5: The Best Laid Plans
  • Blue Beetle #6: Fury!
  • Blue Beetle #7: Risen!
  • Blue Beetle #8: Transformations
  • Blue Beetle #9: Life, Death and Absolute Chaos!
  • Blue Beetle #10: The Sacrifice!

It is just before Christmas, probably early December. We will need to compare this arc with Teen Titans once both are finished. Superman and Batman appear to be on friendly terms by the end. Damien mentions that the JL have accepted Jon, but this could just be a reference to the end of Son of Superman.

  • Superman #10-11: In the Name of the Father: Part 1-2

Batgirl hasn’t seen Damian since Tim’s funeral. Nightwing hasn’t spoken to Batgirl since Better Than Batman. Robin is practicing his Titans rallying cry, so probably after he establishes the Teen Titans.

  • Nightwing #10-14: Blüdhaven: Part 1-5

Should be shortly after Beyond Burnside, but we have to make some allowances due to other series. Has to be after the Blüdhaven Nightwing arc. Birds of Prey not yet mentioned. Dick and Barbara’s relationship seems contradictory throughout.

  • Batgirl #7-11: Son of Penguin: Part 1-5

Doesn’t feel as immediate as Bludhaven. We see the Legionnaire from Rebirth is in Arkham.

  • Batman #9-13: I Am Suicide: Part 1-5
  • Batman #14-15: Rooftops: Part 1-2

Nothing tying this to continuity yet. Placed here for no apparent reason but could theoretically take place at any time.

  • Doom Patrol #1-6: Brick by Brick: Part 1-6

Only placed around here as the backup story is set at Thanksgiving. This story can be moved to fit as required.

  • Mother Panic #1-3: Work in Progress: Part 1-3

Set at Thanksgiving. We’ll need to check how it fits into the Mother Panic timeline and move as necessary. Apparently there are two scene threes?

  • Mother Panic #1: Gotham Radio: Scene One: 1621
  • Mother Panic #2: Gotham Radio: Scene Two: The Mourning After
  • Mother Panic #3: Gotham Radio: Scene Three: Scheme-Adict
  • Mother Panic #3: Gotham Radio: Scene Three: Should Old Acquaintances Be Remembered?

Killer Frost joins the Suicide Squad. Follows the Batman arc I Am Suicide.

  • Suicide Squad #8: Justice League vs Suicide Squad Prelude: Warm Heart
  • Justice League #12: Max Lord: Rebirth
  • Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1-5
  • Justice League #13: Welcome to Eclipso
  • Justice League vs Suicide Squad #6

This could be a short time after the events in JLvsSS as it seems to be setting up a new Suicide Squad arc.

  • Suicide Squad #10: Justice League vs Suicide Squad Epilogue: The Cost

In the aftermath of JLvsSS. Although unstated, Jessica seems to rejoin the Justice League and the whole team unite. Appears to before Christmas as Simon is surprised the JL have Christmas parties.

  • Justice League #14: Regroup

There is very little to place this story so far, but Cyborg imagines Hal as part of the JL rather than Cruz or Baz, so that either places it really early, i.e. before Rebirth itself, or much later (we’ll just assume Cyborg like Hal Jordan more, I guess!) We will move as necessary. Danger in Detroit follows immediately and shows it snowing so we’ll place it close to Christmas for ease. The second two issues are six months later and Cyborg cannot appear between them in other series which is very difficult to do.

  • Cyborg: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
  • Cyborg #1-9: The Imitation of Life: Part 1-9
  • Cyborg #10-11: Danger in Detroit: Part 1-2

We don’t yet have much tying Made in China to the main storyline, except the world knows Superman is dead. As there’s no mention of the new Superman, it might indicate it is fairly early on. Luthor mentions Dr Omen’s experiment in Who Killed Superwoman? but it’s not clear whether it relates to this storyline or something earlier. This takes place sometime during the events of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #8-9 according to a reference in issue #6, but there doesn’t seem to be anything truly connecting the stories, so I’m ignoring that.

  • New Super-Man #1-6: Made in China: Part 1-6

A little bit of time has passed since Brick by Brick. I’ve put this after Shade so the Honey reference is not lost.

  • Doom Patrol #7: Into the Scantoverse

Shortly after In The City but Shade has managed to get across the country. Probably a few days at most.
It’s mid-December.

  • Deathstroke #11: Chicago

The Teen Titans series must take place before this.

  • The Flash #10-12: The Speed of Darkness: Part 1-3

A few days before Christmas. Kenan and his Justice League all appear. I’m not sure whether this will affect any placements in New Superman.

  • Holiday Special #1: Day of Returning

December 21st. Constantine is in England so must be after the events in the Rebirth issue of Hellblazer.

  • Holiday Special #1: Dreaming of a White Christmas

During the holidays. Batwoman misses her dad since their relationship broke down. Not sure where the Detective Comics/Batwoman series fits around this.

  • Holiday Special #1: Light in the Dark

Duke mentions Kate is celebrating ‘this week’, so probably after Light in the Dark. Introduces the villain Stag.

  • Batman: Annual #1: Stag

Probably a few days before Christmas. References the Son of Superman storyline and the events in Lois and Clark has having happened ‘this year’.

  • Holiday Special #1: For the Dog Who Has Everything

Near Christmas but doesn’t specify when exactly.

  • Batman: Annual #1: Silent Night
  • Batman: Annual #1: The Insecurity Diversion

I’m not sure whether this is before Christmas Eve or on the day, but probably before so we don’t clash with Date Night.

  • Holiday Special #1: A Flash Christmas Carol

The day before Christmas Eve.

  • Holiday Special #1: The Night We Saved Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, and is probably a week or so after Speed of Darkness.

  • The Flash #13: Date Night

Set at Christmas Eve.

  • Holiday Special #1: The Last Minute

Starts in September and works up to Christmas Day. Doesn’t make reference to other events.

  • Batman: Annual #1: Good Boy

New Years Eve. Titans are in New York, so probably after they move to Manhattan. Dick meets Batgirl which is a bit weird, but it isn’t overtly romantic.

  • Holiday Special #1: What a Year for a New Year
  • Holiday Special #1: I Don’t Wanna be Late

Placed here to go along with the presumed backup placement.

  • Mother Panic #4-6: Broken Things: Part 1-3

Placed around New Years simply due to the title. Apparently there are two scene threes and no scene four? References Detective Comics #487 (1979/80) which is pretty cool!

  • Mother Panic #4: Gotham Radio: Scene Three: Should Old Acquaintances Be Remembered?
  • Mother Panic #5: Gotham Radio: Scene Five: What Lies Behind Lee’s Eyes
  • Mother Panic #6: Gotham Radio: Scene Six: Cold Air
  • Mother Panic #7: Gotham Radio: Scene Seven: The Eyer of Their Ways
  • January 6th. Mogo is still around. Simon Baz contacts Hal Jordan.

    • Holiday Special #1: The Epiphany

    Takes place shortly after Made in China. It feels like this should be after the new Superman has established himself. It’s Chinese New Year, so if we assume this is intended to be 2017 the story should take place in January. Lex Luthor appears so we may get answers to the strange New Superman moment in Who Killed Superwoman?. We may need to drastically alter the timeline to make this all fit, but as we will be altering the Superman events once Superman Reborn is finished, we will reconsider then.

    • New Super-Man #7-8: Training Day: Part 1-2

    After JLvsSS.

    • Justice League of America: Rebirth: Killer Frost #1
    • Justice League of America: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

    Three months after the main storyline of Damian Knows Best. We may revisit the exact placement but we’re forced to assume we’re sometime in January.

    • Teen Titans #5: Damian Knows Best: Part 5: Page 19-20

    Only a short while after Broken Things.

    • Mother Panic #7-9: Victim Complex: Part 1-3

    There could be a jump here, so we’re back in time with the main story.

    • Mother Panic #8: Gotham Radio: Scene Eight: On the Verge of Convergence
    • Mother Panic #9: Gotham Radio: Scene Nine: Close Calls

    It’s possible there’s a jump between pages 11 and 12 where the Birds of Prey series might go as Dinah goes off to think.

    • Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
    • Green Arrow #1: The End
    • Green Arrow #2: Erasure: Page 1-11

    After Batgirl returns from her vacation in Beyond Burnside, so obviously also after Son of Penguin since it can’t fit in between (unless it can fit during?). Dinah Lance is no longer in her band and has been working things out, so we need to check whether this ties to Green Arrow at all. Perhaps she doesn’t know that Ollie is MIA? It’s not clear in the Green Arrow storyline whether she knew as she complains he didn’t contact her. The timing is very difficult.

    • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)
    • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1-6: Who is Oracle: Part 1-6

    Two weeks or so after page 11. Diggle in #3 suggests “a few weeks” so maybe three or so. Black Canary has access to Batgirl’s database, and an editorial in #10 means Canary is part of Birds of Prey at this time.

    • Green Arrow #2: Erasure: Page 12-end
    • Green Arrow #3: The Ninth Circle
    • Green Arrow #4: Burn Your Bridges
    • Green Arrow #5: The Inferno
    • Green Arrow #6: Sins of the Mother
    • Green Arrow #7: Killing Time
    • Green Arrow #8-9: Island of Scars: Part 1-2
    • Green Arrow #10: Murder on the Empire Express
    • Green Arrow #11: Murder Incorporated

    It’s Valentine’s Day. One week after Who is Oracle? Green Arrow and Dinah are ‘serious’ at this point. It is difficult to align with Green Arrow due to the lack of space in both storylines where each other could intersect. This alignment is the best I can do.

    • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #7: Soldiers of Fortune

    68 days or a little more after Bludhaven. 68 days ago Wally West is trying to find something from the Department of Extranormal Affairs which is likely a tie-in to Titans. He is seen in Central City at this time. 62 days ago Nightwing mentions he prevented a blonde British female assassin with Kukris from assassinating the Commissioner’s son. 41 days ago he was working with Red Hood to take down The Madmen. 17 days ago he’s working with Starfire who tells him Robin has told her about his new relationship so Teen Titans established. 4 days ago Batgirl realises it’s over with Nightwing. He gives her information regarding the Councilman Abel case. 1 day ago it seems like this is the first time Bruce and Dick have spoken since he went to Bludhaven. Shawn appears to be killed or kidnapped. Must be after Birds of Prey 7 which is Valentine’s Day since Batgirl still thinks she’s in a relationship with Dick in that. Nightwing Must Die slightly overlaps but immediately follows Even In A Dream. Damian mentions that the Teen Titans owe him an apology but it’s not clear why. This is probably before I Am Bane due to Damian and Dick’s seeming like they haven’t seen each other for a while.

    • Nightwing #15: Even In a Dream
    • Nightwing #16-20: Nightwing Must Die: Part 1-5

    A few weeks after #11.

    • Green Arrow #12-17: Emerald Outlaw: Part 1-6

    After Dinah is part of Birds of Prey. Probably a month or so after JLA Rebirth.

    • Justice League of America #1-4: The Extremists: Part 1-4

    The events in Speed of Darkness were ‘a few weeks ago’. It is mentioned that Captain Boomerang is working with Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.

    • The Flash #14-17: Rogues Reloaded: Part 1-4

    The flashback sections of Superwoman #1 and #3 are ‘a few weeks ago’, probably only a couple of weeks after The Final Days of Superman, but the main storyline takes place around here. Path of Doom is referenced in the news as a recent(ish) event. The Darkseid War was “several weeks ago.” These series heavily tie into one another, but the writers seemingly didn’t bother to consult one another in too much detail, so we have to be creative with how we read them.

    • Action Comics #965: Lois Lane, Back at the Planet: Part 1: Page 1-18
    • Superwoman #1-3: Who Killed Superwoman?: Part 1-3
    • Action Comics #965-966: Lois Lane, Back at the Planet: Part 1: Page 19-Part 2: Page 16
    • Superwoman #4-7: Who Killed Superwoman?: Part 4-7
    • Action Comics #966: Lois Lane, Back at the Planet: Part 2: Page 17-end
    • Action Comics #967-972: Men of Steel: Part 1-6

    Appears to take place immediately after Who Killed Superwoman? but we need to see Superwoman 8 before judging. Men of Steel has to occur between them as Lex is locked up until the end of Who Killed Superwoman?.

    • Action Comics #973-974: Mild Mannered: Part 1-2

    Jon doesn’t appear here, maybe off somewhere now as Superboy. Lois works at the Planet so we’re definitely after the Lois Lane, Back at the Planet storyline in this series now.

    • Superman #12-13: Super Monster: Part 1-2

    Takes place after Our Town and Trinity. There’s also reference to Superman and Luthor fighting a green monster that I don’t think we’ve seen. It appears like Superman and Swamp Thing have met before this.

    • Superman: Annual #1

    Follows Superman Annual. Kenan Kong appears, obviously after the Made in China storyline, but how far this is meant to be afterwards and whether any future New Superman stories take place between is unclear. It is his and Superman’s first meeting.

    • Superman #14-16: Multiplicity: Part 1-3

    There isn’t much else in the way of tie-ins to anything, we might have to revisit with the next storyline.

    • Superman #17: Dark Harvest

    Six months after part 2 which is in winter and Cyborg cannot appear between them. There is no way we can make this fit so this is a best guess. Singularity Aftermath follows immediately and it appears the next storyline will, too.

    • Cyborg #12-13: Danger in Detroit: Part 3-4
    • Cyborg #14-15: Singularity Aftermath: Part 1-2

    Before Reborn. Aquaman is welcome in the UN so he’s clearly trusted again.

    • Justice League #15-19: Timeless: Part 1-5

    Probably close to the previous arcs. We will move if this series begins to crossover with others.

    • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #14-17: Quest for Hope: Part 1-4

    Very soon after Quest for Hope. We will need to check Green Lanterns to see if we should move this story up further yet as we’re a long way behind other series and Lost in Space appears to be the first crossover that should give us an idea of where we should be by now. The Hal Jordan Rebirth issue was ‘months ago’ so we’re probably later than we realise. Rip Hunter says someone is stealing relics from Earth’s history and selling them on the black market, but I don’t know if that’s a reference to another series.

    • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #18-21: The Prism of Time

    Feels better before The Lazarus Contract arc.

    • Nightwing #21: Split Second

    Six weeks after The Return of Wally West. The Nightwing Fighting Destiny storyline is perhaps better placed before this, but the Blüdhaven series is questionable, and hopefully a mention of events in the Titans or Nightwing series should clear this up eventually.

    • Titans #7: Home Sweet Home

    A few days after The Deluge, at least (several months by our timeline, unfortunately). Has to be after Titans have created their tower in Manhattan in #7. We’ve had to move this to much later due to the changes we had to make to the Titans placements. It is not really possible to shift the rest of the Aquaman series forward any without causing further problems so we have a rather awkward jump.

    • Aquaman #16: Peace in Our Time?

    Shortly after the previous storyline, probably immediately. Seemingly leads directly into the next storyline.

    • Aquaman #17-18: Warhead: Part 1-2

    Over 3 months since a storyline set before Rebirth. Need to check the previous arc to see if this follows immediately. No obvious ties to other series.

    • Aquaman #19-22: H2.0: Part 1-4: Page 19

    After In The a Name of the Father and the Teen Titans are founded, within the same week but before Reborn. It would be better if before Men of Steel but that doesn’t appear to be possible. Clearly in winter but no mention of the holidays so we’re probably fine here where we’re likely in April.

    • Super Sons #1-4: When I Grow Up…: Part 1-4

    Has to be before Reborn.

    • Green Lanterns #15: A Day in the Life: Page 1-13

    Part 1 possibly suggests Path of Doom occurs after Red Robin is dead, but this is far from clear and would cause huge problems. Superman will be in his new costume after this point.

    • Superman #18: Superman Reborn: Part 1
    • Action Comics #975: Superman Reborn: Part 2
    • Action Comics #975: The Man in the Purple Hat
    • Superman #19: Superman Reborn: Part 3
    • Action Comics #976: Superman Reborn: Part 4

    Appears to take place during the events of Part 4 of Superman Reborn.

    • Superwoman #8: By A Thread: Superwoman Reborn?

    There’s a week’s gap between Lana’s awakening and the rest of the story where we’ll try to squeeze as much of the Reborn Aftermath as possible.

    • Superwoman #9: Steel Resolve: Page 1-6

    We have to take some liberties with continuity here. We know we are after JLvsSS, but it feels like we should be before Jessica and Flash go on their date in State of Fear since Jessica wonders whether Flash has a crush on her, but that has to have been way back. Since Jessica says she is part of the JL, we again also feel like A Day in the Life should be before State of a Fear when Jessica leaves the JL, but although Batman tells them they’re late showing up in Gotham, I don’t think it’s plausible they’re quite *that* late. It’s more convenient if this series follows Regroup, as it is justifiable that Jessica has rejoined the JL. Flash having a crush on her is fine, but we’ll keep an eye on that with regards to his relationship with Iris. Superman appears to be in his post-Reborn outfit during I Am Bane, but pre-Reborn in A Day in the Life. If we assume several stories are happening at the same time after Reborn, and Reborn itself occurs over the course of less than a day, then it should all fit without too much suspension of disbelief. The events in the first half of A Day in the Life were ‘yesterday’.

    • Batman #16: I Am Bane: Part 1: Page 1-17
    • Green Lanterns #15: A Day in the Life: Page 14-end
    • Green Lanterns #16-17: Darkest Knights: Part 1-2
    • Batman #16: I Am Bane: Part 1: Page 18-end
    • Batman #17-20: I Am Bane: Part 2-5

    Harcourt is still in charge of the SS before Waller regains control in Burning Down the House. Rami etc are still with Corps on Mogo so we’re concurrent with the Hal Jordan series now. The yellow lantern is set up on Mogo and Kyle is a GL again so we’re after Prism of Time. We’ve moved up that series to be closer in time to this.

    • Green Lanterns #19-21: Polarity: Part 1-3
    • Green Lanterns #22-24: Lost in Space: Part 1-3

    Could be a while after the last arc as long as none of the characters show up in between. The SS have been hitting base after base for what seems to be a while. Part 1 of Earthlings on Fire follows immediately but then there’s an indeterminable gap before part 2.

    • Suicide Squad #11-15: Burning Down the House: Part 1-5
    • Suicide Squad #16: Earthlings on Fire: Part 1

    Luthor still has the cape, but it now seems Men of Steel had no bearing on this due to Reborn. This may be setting up a future storyline with Luthor, Ghul and Circe? Tied Together places this after Reborn…

    • Trinity #7: The New Pandoras
    • Trinity Annual #1: Tied Together: Page 1-36

    After Reborn. Takes place before Action Comics 977 but not necessarily a prologue.

    • Trinity #8: The Truth About Superman

    Could be a while after the Argo attack. A memorial has been constructed. Supergirl meets post-Reborn Superman. We’ll need to wait until issue 9 to see how the annual fits into the story, or whether it is before.

    • Supergirl #7: Mission: Mind
    • Supergirl #8: Family of Tomorrow

    Donna learns her true origins. After Superman Reborn.

    • Titans Annual #1: Titans: Legacy

    Several weeks’ since Deathstroke was in prison although this series jumps around a lot, so I may be mistaken with the timeline here. We’re in April. The Teen Titans have formed but aren’t really well-known so probably before Rise of Aqualad. Amanda Waller appears to be in charge of the SS again so we’re either after Burning Down the House or before JLvsSS. Deathstroke is beaten up by his son at the end and left unconscious which leads into Lazarus. The story probably starts before Superman Reborn and the week brings us to this point, but if we try to split this period into days we’ll go bananas.

    • Deathstroke #12-18: Twilight: Part 1-7

    Three days before the main story. Deathstroke in hospital, after #18.

    • Titans #11: The Lazarus Contract: Part 1: Page 1-5

    Appears to follow Titans Annual as Donna is thinking about her past. This is two days after Titans 7. Justice League defeated Mammoth a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure we’ve seen that event. Herald gave up his powers a month ago, but I don’t think we saw that. Since Deathstroke appears at the end we will need to split this for Lazarus Contract to fit!

    • Titans #8-10: Made in Manhattan: Part 1-3

    A few days after Reborn, so we’ll need this to be after the 2 day reference in Made in Manhattan. Lois and Clark are planning to move to Metropolis but it’s not clear whether they’ve started their move or not.

    • Action Comics #977-978: The New World: Part 1-2

    After Reborn. It would feel better immediately after issue 8 but as that must take place in January and we’re now several months later since we’re after Reborn now we must assume Lex simply makes two trips to China, which isn’t unbelievable. Lex has started wearing a Superman cape again after Men of Steel but this is due to the Superman timeline fixes in Reborn where his Superman now never died. Avery from the first Flash arc returns. Before Revenge. Shanghai Under Siege follows immediately and Harley, Croc and Deadshot show up so we need to ensure nothing contradicts our placement within the Suicide Squad storyline. The next arc will follow immediately.

    • New Super-Man #9-10: Coming to America: Part 1-2
    • New Super-Man #11-12: The Zero Ultimatum: Part 1-2
    • New Super-Man #13-14: Shanghai Under Siege: Part 1-2

    A week after the first part of the story with Lana reawakening. Rediscovery is a few weeks after the Lena Luther storyline, so might as well be here unless later issues contradict this. Rediscovery as to be before Revenge as Superwoman gets her powers back here.

    • Superwoman #9: Steel Resolve: Page 7-end
    • Superwoman #10-12: Rediscovery: Part 1-3

    There’s no perfect way to split this. We’re some time after Part 1 as Zod has apparently had time to become accustomed with Earth. Deadshot mentions the Teen Titans but we know from Rise of Aqualad they’ve been making a name for themselves around this time. Action Comics #974 and Reborn “a couple of days ago”, but we’ll assume that’s a figure of speech. They buy an apartment in Metropolis and tell Jon about the move during the story.

    • Suicide Squad #17: Earthlings on Fire: Part 2: Page 1-17
    • Action Comics #979: Revenge: Part 1
    • Suicide Squad #17: Earthlings on Fire: Part 2: Page 18-end
    • Suicide Squad #18: Earthlings on Fire: Part 3: Page 1-12
    • Action Comics #980: Revenge: Part 2
    • Suicide Squad #18: Earthlings on Fire: Part 3: Page 13-end
    • Suicide Squad #19: Earthlings on Fire: Part 4
    • Action Comics #981-984: Revenge: Part 3-6

    After Reborn. Less than a week after When I Grow Up. Damian has been grounded since so must take place before Rise of Aqualad. The Kents are planning to move to Metropolis and have already started sending some things, so must be after the Revenge storyline.

    • Super Sons #5: Battle in the Batcave

    After Warhead as Black Manta was thought dead. The Teen Titans have been making a name for themselves in San Fransisco for the past ‘few weeks’.

    • Teen Titans #6-7: Rise of Aqualad: Parts 1-2

    Main story. Contains flashbacks but there’s no need to move them into chronological order.

    • Titans #11: The Lazarus Contract: Part 1: Page 6-end
    • Teen Titans #8: The Lazarus Contract: Part 2
    • Deathstroke #19: The Lazarus Contract: Part 3
    • Teen Titans Special #1: The Lazarus Contract: Part 4

    This might be where the series starts to get difficult. We must be close to Who Is Artemis, but Luthor’s appearance suggests we’re likely to be after the Trinity annual. We’ll just have to continue and move if necessary. Due to the Red Hood Annual released after this but set before #12 we may be able to move this much further on, which we’ve done.

    • Red Hood and the Outlaws #12-13: The Life of Bizarro

    Very close to Earthlings on Fire. It appears the next arc will follow immediately as the SS are on their way to assassinate Karla of The People.

    • Suicide Squad #20: Managing People

    Shortly after The Lazarus Contract but not specifically timestamped. Endgame follows, probably immediately. Lilith is accused of being a traitor so the next arc probably follows straight away.

    • Titans #12: Bad Omen
    • Titans #13: Endgame

    Seems to be immediately after The Lies, but cannot be due to Trinity. The Truth follows Angel Down by three days. The final part of Godwatch is immediately after The Truth. Part 1 of Godwatch is ten years prior to this point. Since 25 is set immediately after and is clearly post-Reborn, we have to move the whole thing. It may not jive will with The Lies’ placement, but that was unfortunately set in stone too.

    • Wonder Woman #13: Angel Down
    • Wonder Woman #15: The Truth: Part 1
    • Wonder Woman #17: The Truth: Part 2
    • Wonder Woman #19: The Truth: Part 3
    • Wonder Woman #21: The Truth: Part 4
    • Wonder Woman #23: The Truth: Part 5
    • Wonder Woman #24: Godwatch: Part 5
    • Wonder Woman #25: Perfect

    After Reborn. Superboy mentions his and Damian’s fight with Amazo but it’s unclear how this fits around Battle for the Batcave as it suggests their dads do not know. It’s possible that all they know is that they snuck off, but not the extent of their adventure. I’ve placed this afterwards.

    • Superman #20-25: Black Dawn: Part 1-6: Page 19

    Doesn’t time stamp itself just yet. Moved it on as much as feels comfortable. We might move this forward still? A month before League of Shadows.

    • Detective Comics #948-949: Batwoman Begins: Part 1-2

    Batwoman Begins serves as the prologue to Batwoman’s solo series, so the Rebirth issue is best read here, but there is six weeks between this and the main series.

    • Batwoman: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot)

    There is nothing really tying this to continuity, but probably after the I Am Bane storyline as Batman is working with Catwoman. A month before parts 3 and 4.

    • All-Star Batman #6-7: Ends of the Earth: Part 1-2

    Nothing to date this so it will depend on the Batgirl and Supergirl series. Prelude to Supergirl #9 but no clues to how far before.

    • Batgirl Annual #1: World’s Finest

    Could be a while after World’s Finest, but it’s not really specified so may as well have them together. It isn’t clear whether Batgirl’s appearance at the end of 8 leads into this preludes this or World’s Finest. Supergirl is shot by Cat Grant so the next arc will likely follow immediately.

    • Supergirl #9-11: Escape From the Phantom Zone: Part 1-3

    References a Suicide Squad annual from before Rebirth which must have occurred “months” ago. Boomerang is part of the SS working for Waller, but we’re after JLvsSS. Eobard Thawne is freed and wants to take vengeance on Batman.

    • The Flash #18-19: Sins of the Father: Parts 1-2

    Probably only a short time after Sins of the Father. This must be “a few weeks” before The Button due to a reference in #26 so we’ve moved it back.

    • The Flash #20: Agent of Black Hole

    They’ve been in space for about a week which means we move on quite a bit due to the horrendously busy timeline immediately after Reborn. Simon has lost his ring so we may need to move the JL series around this issue. The GLs appear to be lost somewhere in the multiverse at the moment though.

    • Green Lanterns #25: Return of the First Lantern

    10 billion years before Rebirth. Placed in sequence as this is a continuation of the flashbacks in the series rather than a prequel to be read before.

    • Green Lanterns #26: The First Ring

    The Yellow Lanterns are now enemies. I suspect when Jessica and Simon return to the present, we will find ourselves in a post-Fracture universe.

    • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #22-25: Fracture

    Has to be after Burning Down the House as Waller is in charge of the SS. Lana Lang is working for the Daily Star so probably after Steel Resolve. Ben works for Catco so this might affect the Supergirl series. The Man from Monster Valley takes place over a week. It could be after the rest of the series but might as well be read here due to the lack of crossover and Black Canary’s whereabouts. The Kingbutcher arc references monsters in Gotham and the speed force storm, but it doesn’t necessarily imply they’re concurrent events.

    • Justice League of America #5-6: Heart of a Bastich: Part 1-2
    • Justice League of America #7: Terrorstrike
    • Justice League of America #8-9: The Man From Monster Valley: Part 1-2
    • Justice League of America #10-11: Curse of the Kingbutcher: Part 1-2

    Before The Return of Roy Harper and probably after the Reborn story considering Superman’s costume in the flashback.

    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1: Going Under-Ground
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #2: Headaches
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #3: Deep Issues
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #4: City of Ghosts
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #5: Night Pudding
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #6: Plan B
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #7: Have I Ever Told You the Story About How I Saved Superman?
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #8: Rest In Peace, Michael Pembrook
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #9: I’m Glad I Spent It With You
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #10: The Queen of Nothing
    • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #10: Death Did Us Part

    Mimics the Dakota pipeline protests but fictional. Roy never mentions the Titans, so we need to check on later stories. Takes place after Cave Carson as the villains base themselves off of Wild Dog.

    • Green Arrow #18-20: The Return of Roy Harper: Part 1-3

    At least a month after #18.

    • Deathstroke #20: Monster: The Lazarus Contract: Epilogue

    One month after parts 1 and 2.

    • All-Star Batman #8-9: Ends of the Earth: Part 3-4

    Appears to be after Ends of the Earth.

    • All-Star Batman #6-9: The Cursed Wheel: Part 5-8

    Six weeks after Batwoman Rebirth. She cannot appear in any series in between. Blinding is a flashback story but won’t make sense unless read in sequence.

    • Batwoman #1-4: The Many Arms of Death: Part 1-4
    • Batwoman #5: Blinding

    Months after the Batmen were first brought together at least. We’ve placed it late on but we might have to change this depending on the Batwoman series.

    • Detective Comics #950: League of Shadows: Prologue

    It’s not clear whether this is part 1 of a separate story or part of the League of Shadows prologue, so we’ll place it after the prologue for now, and go from there!

    • Detective Comics #950: Higher Powers

    There’s not much to place this. We’ll need to keep an eye on the Batwoman series. This is “months” after the first story arc and Batman talks about how he let Batwoman talk to Superman, which I assume is in the Batwoman series? [Nope!] After All-Star 9. Batwoman won’t be in the suit for a few weeks.

    • Detective Comics #951-956: League of Shadows: Part 1-6

    It feels as though it’s before The Button, but it could easily be afterwards without causing any problems. Other than being set after Reborn it doesn’t really place itself. Flash and Jessica seem close but there’s nothing overly romantic that would conflict with his relationship in his own series.

    • Justice League #20-21: Endless: Part 1-2

    Something finally happens! It’s a shame Agent of Black Hole is stuck between Sins of the Father and here, but we must assume Thawne has other things to attend to before attacking Batman. Barry returned from the Flashpoint “months ago” which seems strange, but I suppose this is comic book time.

    • Batman #21: The Button: Part 1
    • The Flash #21: The Button: Part 2
    • Batman #22: The Button: Part 3
    • The Flash #22: The Button: Part 4

    A few days after The Button. Feels sooner than The Brave and the Mold. Seems to be the first time Hal has returned to Earth and the first time Flash has seen him since Darkseid. Will clearly lead directly into the next arc. Kid Flash is severely wounded so we need to be careful with Teen Titans around this point.

    • The Flash #23-24: Color of Fear: Part 1-2

    Immediately after Color of Fear. “A few weeks” after Flash #20, which means that it was not immediately before The Button.

    • The Flash #25-27: Running Scared: Part 1-3

    Could be some time after the Lazarus Contract, but not too much. Only a few weeks at most. Kid Flash must be recovered from the events in The Flash. He is considering joining Deathstroke’s Defiance team and we’re to see #21 for more.

    • Teen Titans #9-11: Blood of the Manta: Parts 1-3

    Could comfortably fit anywhere. Batman has recovered from being beat up in The Button and has obviously decided to carry on as Batman, so we need to check next issue that this isn’t meant to take place at some other point in time.

    • Batman #23: The Brave and the Mold

    Nothing tying this in to other series. Anarky appears at the end so we’ll check future arcs and move if necessary.

    • Detective Comics #957: The Wrath of Spoiler

    Obviously a very important storyline but we’ll need to see when and how his proposal to Catwoman affects Batman going forward.

    • Batman #24: Every Epilogue is a Prelude

    Sometime after Nightwing 15 (Nightwing is seeing Defacer), so must be after Nightwing Must Die but before 25. Although Green Arrow appears there’s nothing much tying it to a place in his series’ storyline. Source Code follows immediately. Must be after Batman 24 as Catwoman is engaged. Batgirl is being Oracle again while Catwoman, Ivy, Huntress and Canary go off together on a mission. It’s not clear if the next arc will pick up directly.

    • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8-10: Blackbird: Part 1-3
    • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #11-13: Source Code: Part 1-3

    Blockbuster is set in the same month as Split Second which is probably about right. We’re “a few months” after the Back in Blüdhaven arc which is about right. We may need to move these before Superwoman’s Rediscovery storyline due to Skyhook and Crash (working together!?) appearing here (it isn’t possible – this has to be after Birds of Prey 8-13). Other villains appearing are Avery Martell, The Underground Men, Strato and China White, Snakepit, Clock King, Shado, Magog and finally Kid Amazo.

    • Nightwing #21: Split Second
    • Nightwing #22-25: Blockbuster

    There could be a couple of weeks between Blockbuster and this storyline as the funeral of a character who died takes place here. This is awkward to fit around the Titans series since Nightwing has a big story going on there. Raptor has been released, but I’m sure we’ve already seen him in a different series, I just don’t recall which!

    • Nightwing #26-28: Spyral

    Could be a while after the last arc. Ollie is arrested at the end so this will likely lead directly into the next arc. We can move if necessary.

    • Green Arrow #21-24: The Rise of Star City: Part 1-4

    Only a few days after Rise of Star City at most. The story could take place over a week or more, though. Ollie sets off on his quest at the end so we’ll see if we need to split it up later.

    • Green Arrow #25: Broken Arrow

    Maybe a few weeks after Running Scared at most. There’s no mention of Kid Flash so maybe his story is picked up elsewhere, such as Deathstroke? We need to ensure Flash doesn’t appear elsewhere while he has his negative powers.

    • The Flash #28-29: Negative: Part 1-2

    It’s set in 2017 but Star City exists. We’ll need to assume people start referring to Seattle as Star City even when referring to past events. Hawkman appears to be in the Watchtower with the JL, but who knows which Hawkman (see The Forge). We don’t know if this is part of continuity, but if it is, Death of Hawkman presumably takes place afterwards and Rise of Star City sometime before.

    • The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #1-6

    Confirmed to be set in the Rebirth universe by the writer. Belle Reve and the Green Lantern Corps are mentioned. Must be after Fall and Rise of Captain Atom. The last few pages are three months after the main storyline, but unless the story continues or ties into other series there’s no need to split just yet.

    • Death of Hawkman #1-6: Out of Time: Part 1-6

    Three weeks after the main story. Lois and Clark talk about leaving Hamilton County, but this is clearly taking them a very long time! We may need to move depending on Action Comics.

    • Superman #25: Black Dawn: Part 6: Page 20-end

    This could be anywhere from a few days to weeks after Black Dawn. We’ll wait to see whether Action Comics or future issues dictate a more precise placement.

    • Superman #26: Brains vs. Brawn

    The events of the past “few weeks” has exhausted Superman, likely referring to Reborn and its aftermath. They’re heading to Metropolis in the last panel but it didn’t feel like they were moving there just yet. We’ll see what the next issue brings, as well as Action Comics! We’re in July now. Superman responds to a Justice League alert between parts 1 and 2 but it’s unclear if this is intended to tie into another storyline. We may have to check some of the recent JL issues!

    • Superman #27-28: Declaration: Part 1-2

    King Shark is handed over to Aquaman who we assume will try to rehabilitate him. It’s not clear, but probably after his appearance in Rise of Aqualad.

    • Wonder Woman Annual #1: In Defense of Truth and Justice
    • Wonder Woman Annual #1: The Curse and the Honor
    • Wonder Woman Annual #1: The Last Kaiju

    Could occur almost anywhere. Diana and Steve are dating if that’s any indication so we’re at least after WW #25.

    • Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special #1: The River of Lost Years

    Weeks after the first part. We’ll need to check the Red Hood series against this.

    • Trinity Annual #1: Tied Together: Page 37-end

    Before A Thousand Little Things.

    • Trinity #9-11: Dead Space: Part 1-3

    After Trinity #9.

    • Justice League #22: A Thousand Little Things

    A hooded man sets Corum Rath free, but that could be much later as it’s on the final page, although probably ties into the disgruntled Leot storyline. We’ve moved this to act as prelude to Crown of Atlantis, allowing Aquaman appearances in between.

    • Aquaman #22: H2.0: Part 4: Page 20

    Unclear if this is meant to be the same day Corum Rath is freed, but it feels like Aquaman does not return to Atlantis in the interim. Arthur is no longer king, but is presumably trapped in Atlantis and severely wounded. Mera and Tula are on the surface world in case they appear in other series.

    • Aquaman #23-24: Crown of Atlantis: Part 1-2

    Clearly immediately after issue 13 but not directly stated, but we have to move after Aquaman 24 since they find out Arthur is no longer King of Atlantis. Nightwing is working for HIVE so we’re going to need to see how this affects his solo series.

    • Titans #14: The Tempest’s Vow

    Doesn’t timestamp. The series appears to be focussing on Jessica for some reason. We’ve placed it after Crown of Atlantis because Aquaman is conspicuously absent.

    • Justice League #23: Fear Itself

    Days after Crown of Atlantis. Mera now appears to be part of the Justice League, although this story may just be to set up why the JL don’t interfere in the events of the Aquaman series.

    • Justice League #24: Fury

    Mera is still part of the JL.

    • Justice League #25: Reborn

    Doesn’t seem to tie in to anything else. The last page is one week later so the next arc will need to account for that. We can move this to fit as needed.

    • Batgirl #12: Troubled Waters

    Doesn’t tie in specifically but Catwoman appears. She’s also in Birds if Prey and this feels better afterwards. There’s no mention of her engagement to Batman.

    • Batgirl #13: The Truth About Bats and Dogs

    We have no idea how long after the last arc we are, so we may need to move later. Lex and Supergirl appear so we’re probably after Revenge. Will likely lead directly into the next issue.

    • Superwoman #13: Return to Smallville

    A few weeks after League of Shadows. Batwoman is back in the suit. Batman knows Tim is alive, and we’re clearly building up to the Dark Days event even though Detective Comics doesn’t appear to feature in the list of tie-ins.

    • Detective Comics #958-962: Intelligence: Part 1-5

    Shortly after the Declaration storyline in Superman, and must be after Superwoman 13 since it appears Lex loses his suit in this issue.

    • Action Comics #985-986: Only Human: Part 1-2

    No obvious ties wider continuity. Ought to be close to Christmas simply due to one girl’s Christmas tree shaped jewellery and it seems to be winter, but issue 11 makes it clear we’re in August 2017. Issue 12 is probably a week or so later since page 21 jumps two weeks to September 2017.

    • Shade, the Changing Girl #1-6: Earth Girl Made Easy: Part 1-6
    • Shade, the Changing Girl #7: Dance Me to the End
    • Shade, the Changing Girl #8-9: In The City: Part 1-2
    • Shade, the Changing Girl #10: Atomic City
    • Shade, the Changing Girl #11: Life on the Silver Scream
    • Shade, the Changing Girl #12: Maybe. Also. Dead.

    At least two weeks after Declaration but could be longer. Sinestro appears but the editorial places us before Hal Jordan and the GLC #30-31.

    • Superman #29-30: A Minute Longer: Part 1-2

    Prelude to Metal. This is going to be one of the latest things in the timeline for a while. I’m not sure how Hawkman ties in to this, or this is a different Hawkman from the Death of series. Hal returns to Earth sent by Ganthet so we need to check against his series to make sure there are no clashes. Hal has already returned to Earth once in The Flash #23-24 so we’re after that. Aquaman has a beard now. The Casting follows immediately.

    • Dark Days: The Forge #1 (One-Shot)
    • Dark Days: The Casting #1 (One-Shot)

    Five or so years in the future. Tim Drake is now Batman and is ruling Gotham. This appears to tie-in to future events in Detective Comics #969, so we’ll need to wait and see how it all fits together.

    • Batwoman #7: Pax Batmana

    ‘Several decades from now’. I’m unsure whether this is actually intended to be a parallel earth. We might see if there are any direct links with other series. This quite obviously continues storylines from a prior series which presumably spun off separately from the cartoon’s continuity? Rise of the Demon would suggest we’re in at least a possible future of the Rebirth universe, with Duke mentioned and Damian has Goliath.

    • Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1: Escaping the Grave: Part 1
    • Batman Beyond #1-5: Escaping the Grave: Part 2-6
    • Batman Beyond #6-11: Rise of the Demon: Part 1-6

    Outside of Continuity?

    Difficult to read and also place. Very tempting to ignore this series all together. Issue one implies this is after Quinn leaves the Suicide Squad, which hasn’t happened yet. It is difficult to place during the SS series as Quinn appears to be incarcerated throughout that. A character mentions the thing in Quinn’s neck which is presumably a reference to the bomb from SS, so again we’re forced to assume we’re after that series, however, it feels like it should be early on as we’re continuing from a series before Rebirth. We’ll move as necessary, but for now we’ll place it outside of continuity. It could be that most of the narrative is an insane delusion.

    • Harley Quinn #1: Afterbirth
    • Harley Quinn #2: The Coney Island of the Damned
    • Harley Quinn #3: Goin’ For Takeout

    A week or so after Goin’ For Takeout.

    • Harley Quinn #4: 108 Million Ways to Die
      • Penguin is in Coney Island.

      • Harley Quinn #5-7: Undercover Punker: Part 1-3

      10 weeks after Goin’ For Takeout. Probably a couple of weeks after Undercover Punker. There’s a week long jump toward the end. Ivy gets on a connecting flight which could tie into Batgirl #6 or 7?

      • Harley Quinn #8: Relax, Undo It

      Leaves the series storyline to have an adventure at Christmas. It could really take place at any time, though as it doesn’t seem to reference much else. Probably better before Joker Loves Harley.

      • Harley Quinn #10: Egg Noggin

      This is a segue story at Christmas. It’s clearly out of continuity but would likely fit here. Harley is part of the SS at this time. The stories this one segues are not out of continuity, however.

      • Holiday Special #1: A Very Harley Holiday

      Christmas Eve. Includes the HQ characters at Coney Island so within this continuity. Batman is in an odd costume and driving a strange Batmobile.

      • Batman: Annual #1: The Not So Silent Night of the Harley Quinn

      Harley has ‘just got back’ from vacation, but her hair is back to normal, so maybe a few weeks after Relax, Undo It. Quinn tells Red Tool he’s on 30 days probation, but whether this carries into future issues we’ll see. The doctor tells Quinn to return in a few weeks, which also maybe we’ll see, because that’s about as exciting as this series gets.

      • Harley Quinn #9: Butt Maiming & Mind Gaming
      • Harley Quinn #11-13: Joker Loves Harley

      Shortly after Joker Loves Harley. Trump is in the White House. This series is horse shit.

      • Harley Quinn #14-16: Nether Regions

      Shortly after Nether Regions.

      • Harley Quinn #17: Red Meat: Part 1: Page 1-2

      One week later. A month after the cannibals start abducting the homeless. Harley’s parents are visiting in two weeks.

      • Harley Quinn #17: Red Meat: Part 1: Page 3-end
      • Harley Quinn #18: Red Meat: Part 2-3

      Quinn’s parents are two days early so we’re a little less than two weeks after Red Meat. The Family Circles follows immediately. The Clock King looks nothing like his Rebirth version and more like the animated series incarnation, so unless there are two characters with the same name we are definitely in a different continuity. Harley is taking Sy to a bath house “tomorrow”, so the next issue will follow immediately. We’re now “a few months” after Relax, Undo It and I can’t believe I’m still buying a reading this shit.

      • Harley Quinn #20-21: A Blast From The Future: Part 1-2
      • Harley Quinn #22-24: The Family Circles: Part 1-3
      • Harley Quinn #25-26: Surprise, Surprise: Part 1-2

      Appears to be set in a pseudo-Animated universe. Apparently will conclude in Harley Loves Joker #1, whatever that will be.

      • Harley Quinn #17-25: Harley Loves Joker: Part 1-9

      Man is created.

      • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #4: Yarva Angelicus Etrigan

      Unclear whether a part of continuity or just a bit of fun. Here for completion’s sake.

      • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1-6: Super Powers: The Wonder Twins: Part 1-6

      Once more, unclear if in continuity.

      • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #3: Green Arrow: Did You Ever Wonder How Green Arrow Came To Be?
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